My Journey So Far

2013-12-20 09.34.16I had weight loss surgery in August.  I have lost over 70 lbs so far and feel so much bet­ter phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally.  I did not take the easy way out.  It is hard work.  Small por­tions, no pasta, sugar or alco­hol.  It is totally worth it though.  I have another 100 lbs to lose so I am step­ping up my exer­cise.  I actu­ally have things to look for­ward to.  I will take my sec­ond plane ride in my adult life in March to go to NYC to visit my son.  This was not pos­si­ble before due to my phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions.  I am look­ing for­ward to walk­ing the streets of NYC and see­ing the sights.  I have been before but this time more on my own.

I am going to the beach with the fam­ily in June and look for­ward to get­ting some sun and spend­ing time with the fam­ily.  I am not wor­ried about not being able to drink or eat what every­one else is.   I am con­tent to get to know my fam­ily bet­ter.  My nieces and nephew are grow­ing up so fast.

South Carolina Politics

state-flag-south-carolinaI try to stay away from the sub­ject of pol­i­tics due to the poten­tial to get into fights for to offend oth­ers.  I con­sider myself mid­dle of the road.  Socially lib­eral and fis­cally con­ser­v­a­tive.  I vote issues and not by party.  I am shar­ing my feel­ings today only because of my sin­cere embar­rass­ment of our state vot­ing Mark San­ford back into gov­ern­ment and send­ing him to Washington.


It would appear that any repub­li­can would have won that seat.  SC is a repub­li­can state.  How­ever, do the vot­ers in the low coun­try have short term mem­ory loss?  Do they remem­ber what Mark San­ford put our state through?  How can vot­ers trust him again?  What has he done to try to regain our trust?  These are ques­tions that I am strug­gling with.  Mark San­ford is a human being and makes mis­takes and he has asked for for­give­ness for those mis­takes.  I per­son­ally don’t dis­like the man.  I do dis­like him as a politi­cian and don’t want him rep­re­sent­ing my state.  Once again we will be the butt of jokes.  There was a Tweet last night from Valerie Bertinelli that made me mad. It was “Wow. The Car­oli­nas really seem to like their lyin’, cheatin’ men. Mark San­ford, John Edwards, Strom Thur­mond… #what­ever”.   This is just the first of many insults that will be lev­eled at us.


South Car­olina does not believe in gay mar­riage, believes that fam­i­lies are sacred but can vote in an untrust­wor­thy, adul­terer Mark San­ford.  Make up your mind South Car­olina.  We either have val­ues or we don’t and right now it looks like we talk out of both sides of our mouth.


Thanks for read­ing this.  I apol­o­gize to any I have offended and I respect your views as I hope that you will respect mine.

Anna Huckeba July 28, 1987-June 23, 2012

Life changed on June 23 for all that knew and loved Anna.  She was bru­tally mur­dered in Spar­tan­burg early that morn­ing.  Today as I write this I still have a hard time believ­ing that such a beau­ti­ful, smart and vibrant young woman is no longer here with us.  Her death is hard to com­pre­hend alone.  How­ever, try­ing to come to terms that she was mur­dered has made her death even more trau­matic and we are search­ing for answers.  Why? Why our Anna?  Hope­fully the law enforce­ment will get those answers for us.  The answers will still leave us with even more questions.     

Anna was about to start a new chap­ter in her life this week.  A path that was going to be tough but one that would end with a new begin­ning.  She will never get that new begin­ning and that is so tragic.  Anna, as we all have, made some bad choices in her life.  She was ready to move for­ward and  grow from her mistakes.  

Please keep her fam­ily in your thoughts and prayers as well as all that knew Anna and loved her.  Her death is a bit­ter pill to swal­low. How­ever her light will always shine in our hearts.  

Doing It!

I am ten weeks into my weight loss lifestyle now and have lost more than 40 lbs.  I can say that it has been dif­fi­cult at times but I am deter­mined to suc­ceed.  I am start­ing to feel bet­ter and will only get bet­ter and bet­ter.  I am hav­ing to deal with my emo­tions instead of stuff­ing them down with food.  Feel­ings can be raw at times and have not been pleas­ant to deal with.  How­ever, my feel­ings must be dealt with in order to live a healthy lifestyle and be suc­cess­ful in los­ing this weight that has shielded me from liv­ing my life.  Fat was my excuse for not dat­ing, being active or going anywhere.

have a long road ahead and I have only started my jour­ney.  I look for­ward to this jour­ney and the new chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties it gives me.  I will suc­ceed this time and no longer hide behind my cur­tain of shame and fat.

100 lbs by 50

I have come to that deci­sion that life as I know it has to change or my life will con­tinue to suf­fer or even end.  I can­not keep eat­ing and liv­ing like I have. I know that it will not be easy but I am deter­mined to lose 100 lbs. before I turn 5o next March.  I will be blog­ging more and not stuff­ing my feel­ings down with food.  I am ready to face my emo­tions whether good or bad.

Watch out world! I am ready to live.

Not Looking Back

This is the sec­ond day of the new year.  I have plenty of things that I need to change. How­ever, I am mak­ing one res­o­lu­tion.  I refuse to dwell in the past.  I have made mis­takes, been hurt by oth­ers and learned lessons along the way.  The past can­not be changed.  Dwelling in the past will rob me of my present and my future.  

I am look­ing for­ward to what this won­der­ful new year will bring.  I am no longer chained by my past.  My head faces for­ward.   Happy 2012!!!!