Today's world is global, with incredible opportunities for those knowing how success and abundance happen. 
Dr. Tricia Cone, Metaphysician, along with her associates  and partners, understand how to develop a strategic design and implement it, for yourself and your organization to scientifically grow your success and well-being. This is for TODAY'S UNIVERSE: not yesterday's. Our focus is on improvement for all by assisting one person at a time.

About Trish and StarShine Corp.

Trish along with our certified StarShine consultants excel with strategy, design, deployment, and creating success systems. We help you help others better.

Integrated Services

  • Comprehensive, Mission-Driven Wellness Plans Proven and Impacting Bottom-Line Profit
  • Project Consulting
  • Assessment & Training for the CEO and Entire Team
  • System Strategic Design

Reliability and action are two parts of our exceptional customer services commitment. Our team is ready to provide continual support. We provide remote and on-site services to ensure you get what you are paying for and more.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Dr. Tricia Cone and her team lives what she talks about. She has been practicing body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness from childhood and has been CEO of many successful companies. Business Wellness Policies that include intention, faith, success strategies and "Law of Attraction" has been my life work. She and her colleagues are a wealth of wisdom and practical practice. Trish is a Quintessential Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Friend and Metaphysician. It is her/StarShine's unique approach to life lessons and practice that make the world and any company better."


Added Resources
  • Trusted STARSHINE Network
  • Success Strategies
  • Law of Attraction 10x
  • Neuroplasticity Brain Training

Our mission is to improve the way employees feel treated by corporate leaders, by developing win/win processes for wellness. Happier, healthier employees save money, have more fun, make customers happier, and help their companies be more profitable.

Make You Happy Customer Service

Effective Operating Principles

Read here:
The Vatican's Sustainability: Human Behavior    The Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
Yes, this is a picture at the Vatican in Rome on the steps of the Academy, where we produced a recommendation to the world about designing happier human behavior.